Bridal Treatments

Beauty treatments for a perfect wedding!

If you said «Yes, I do!» then you should say «Yes» to your bridal beauty treatments also, for being the star of the day. There is a day, when you are the «protagonist»! It’s your wedding day! In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, bridal care includes everything that your face and body need, in order to be perfect.

Because, each one of us is different and our needs are different, get informed about the treatments that you can have or come along with your «husband to be» and enjoy your treatments together, as a couple. Our leading Doctor, Dr. Zografou is a very well known International Beauty Expert, implementing to the Clinic the latest and most innovative methods from abroad. She takes into consideration the remaining months/weeks, until your wedding day and then she schedules with you, your treatment plan that fits your needs, in order to take care of your skin at home and also with us in the Clinic.

Make an appointment today for free and get informed, about which treatments are best for you. Show off your beauty, with unique hydrating, firming and rejuvenating therapeutic protocols, which are performed exclusively in Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic. You deserve a luxurious, royal care before your wedding and be certain that you will be the center of attention!



With effective, non-invasive facial treatments, I had the perfect result and everyone was asking me what I have done...

Dimitra Papageorgiou

I decided to have my skin preparation for my wedding, at Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic...

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The treatments were very economical and my skin was amazing on the wedding day...

Elena Souma

I wanted to prepare my skin properly for the makeup, I had chosen for my wedding day...

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They are excellent professionals and all were perfect. We are absolutely pleased...


I booked an appointment for me and my husband to be. We wanted to relax...

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