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Treatments for future moms, but also for those who have become moms!
What does it mean to be a mother? It is a great gift, a great change, a great effort. Everything you experience with your skin and your body, during pregnancy and immediately after, need an appropriate care.

What types of treatments do you need, in order to maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity in the abdomen and avoid pregnancy’s stretchmarks? How can you get rid of your additional weight after pregnancy, quickly and properly? Do you suffer from skin laxity and you are interested in a mini tummy-tuck? Do you want to regain the tightness, tonicity and the muscle strength of the vagina after birth and reboost your sexual life?

Do you wonder what happens with the famous showbiz mothers and they quickly reshaping after pregnancy, to their previous body? That is due, to carefully selected minimally invasive mommy makeover treatments. If you are interested to learn more, make an appointment today, for a thorough and detailed consultation and get very well informed about the treatments, which fit your needs.

We will inform you in detail, for the best skin care that a prospective mother can follow, in order to have a healthy skin during pregnancy and for the mommy makeover treatments, which will help you regain your pre-pregnancy body.



I had a mini liposuction, under local anaesthesia by Dr Zografou and now my tummy is even better, than it was before pregnancy...

Efi K.

After my pregnancy, I put weight on my lower abdomen. That bothered me a lot, because I never had extra weight...

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the knowledge and advice she gave me, is valuable for the prevention of the same problem in the future...

Alexandra Tsouka

During pregnancy, stretch marks have developed on my body and especially on my abdomen. I first met with Dr Zografou...

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I will definitely visit them again for other treatments, as I have seen that they have all the latest technology lasers...

Rania Athanasopoulou

After childbirth, the skin in my tummy started to get loose. I did not like that at all and that's why I booked an appointment for treatment...

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