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The freckles (sun spots) are benign skin lesions, which gradually occur due to sun exposure and skin’s photoaging. They develop due to increased melanin production, as a natural process of protecting the skin, against sunlight. They usually appear on the face, hands, décolletage or in any other area which is sun exposed. They are light to dark, brown coloured lesions and are much more common, in people with fair skin.

These brown spots, also belong to the hyperpigmented skin lesions and are known by the medical term “Melasma”. They are brown patches of irregular shape and appear suddenly, after a hormonal imbalance (e.g. pregnancy, taking hormones) or after taking medications that cause photo-sensitivity.

Melasma usually appears on the face, especially on the forehead, upper lip and cheeks and it is totally related to sun exposure. Therefore, it is more intense in summer months, while it subsides or even disappears, in the winter.

Freckles and Brown Spots Laser Treatments Prices Athens
  • Genetic factors and predisposition
  • Fair skin, sensitive to sun exposure
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Melanocyte hyperactivity due to medication
Αιτίες δημιουργίας πανάδων και αντιμετώπιση

What are the available treatments?

Before any pigmented lesion is treated, it should be checked first by our qualified Dermatologists, for excluding the possibility of malignancy. Once this is done and we know for certain, what we are treating, then we will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you or a combination of treatments, to get the ideal results. Some of the treatments offered are:

Bleaching creams:
These are medical creams that have hydroquinone, kojic acid and vitamin C, in specific concentrations and after regular application, they help the brown spots to gradually discolour.

The 3 in 1, complete facial treatment, due to the latest technology of the OxyGeneo device, offers spectacular results in the reduction of brown spots on face, décolletage and hands, while at the same time it oxygenates, hydrates and revitalizes the skin, from within.

Chemical peeling:
You might need a light peel or a more intense one, depending on the type of your problem and the exfoliating, chemical solution used (e.g. trichloroacetic acid – TCA Peeling or AHA – glycolic acid peeling). The peelings are causing exfoliation, on the outer layers of the skin, thus helping, in the rejuvenation of the problematic areas. They are making the skin look and feel smoother and firmer, while they also result, in discolouration of brown spots, at the same time.

Fractional Laser:
The Fractional Laser, acts both superficially on the epidermis, with exfoliating action, which treats efficiently brown spots, but also on the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the fibroblasts, to produce natural collagen and elastin, with unique rejuvenating and anti-aging effects on the skin.

Laser Peel:
Laser Peel is a revolutionary treatment for brown spots, as it combines two effective therapies, Fractional Laser and Chemical Peeling. The Laser Peel, starts with the application of Fractional Laser that acts on the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the fibroblasts to produce natural collagen and rejuvenating the skin, from within.

Immediately after the Fractional laser, we apply the chemical peel on the problematic areas. With this combination, the effects of revitalization and regeneration are maximized, as the selective scanning and penetration by the Fractional Laser, creates small microchannels on the surface of the skin. This is actually helping, the peeling solutions to penetrate deeper, into the problematic areas, making the Laser Peel treatment extremely effective, even after one session.


The cost of these treatments starts at 80 euros.

Call us, to find out the price of the treatment, you are interested in or our special prices for combined therapies.



And that’s exactly what I want to say. That is something simple, painless and economical. Just be sure that your doctor knows, how to distinguish blemishes from skin cancers...

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I am going for Botox in this Clinic. In my last visit, Dr Zografou insisted on checking a brown spot, which I had on my face for years and recently changed in size. ..

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