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The perception we have for our body image, influence directly our psychology. Body image is important, because the way we see ourselves, influence every aspect of our daily lives, our mental health, our physical health, our self-esteem, how we take care of ourselves and how we interact with other people. A balanced diet and sticking with weekly workouts, ensures the maintenance of a nice body shape. However, sometimes despite rigorous exercise and dieting, subcutaneous fat accumulations persist. In such cases, liposuction comes to offer the solution, with a permanent result and the latest techniques of minimally invasive Laser Liposuction.

Liposuction is the most popular procedure of Aesthetic Surgery worldwide, not only in women, but also among men and is performed in those cases, where excess fat removal is needed. Bloodless liposuction or non – scalpel liposuction, as it is also known, is practically the evolution of classic liposuction, with a more advanced technique, which makes use of laser technology. This makes liposuction easier, quicker and much more painless.

It is the ideal treatment, for those, who want to get rid of excess fat permanently and at the same time to tighten the treated areas. The laser energy stimulates new collagen production, resulting in tightening of the area. Laser assisted liposuction, offers results against cellulitis also, which is one of the most important aesthetic issues, concerning women today. This is achieved, by clipping fibrous ligaments between fat cells, which by pulling down the skin are responsible for the dimples and irregularities. Laser liposuction is the latest technology and modern patients prefer it, as it is safer, it takes less time, has a faster recovery time and does not require hospitalisation.

The procedure begins, by administrating a specialised anaesthetic solution, in the area to be treated, in order to produce local anaesthesia. The infiltration of the area, with the anaesthetic solution, makes the whole procedure painless and makes fat suction easier, while at the same time it facilitates adequate haemostasis, minimizing blood loss during the treatment, which translates in less bruising post – operatively.

When the anaesthetic infiltration is complete, a very small 2mm diameter cannula, carrying the lasers optic fiber, is inserted through a tiny 2mm opening, into the subcutaneous fat. The lasers thermal energy then melts the fat cells, so that their suction is made easier, while at the same time this thermal energy, stimulates internally the fibroblasts for production of new collagen, in the following months, resulting in skin firming of the treated area.

After the laser cannula, another very small in diameter (2 – 3mm) suction cannula is inserted through the same micro – openings, in the right position and at the right level, in order to suction out the melted fat from the area. This new technology allows us to perform a more superficial and bloodless liposuction, offering liposculpture at the same time and not just fat removal only. Liposculpture is a very artistic, refinement of the treated area.

Because of bloodless liposuction, bruises practically range from very few to not at all. Post – operative swelling recedes faster, than in any other liposuction technique and there is little discomfort or no pain at all, after the operation.

This treatment is superior to classic liposuction, for many reasons:

  • It excludes the risks of general anaesthesia (from which most complications arise)
  • It is exclusively performed under local anaesthesia, with the tumescent anaesthetic (Klein’s solution), which makes fat suction easier and diminishes blood loss (bloodless liposuction)
  • Local anaesthesia makes the treatment totally pain free and also allows the patient to change positions and collaborate with the surgeon, so that it will be easier for him to provide the optimum aesthetic result, which is liposculpting and not just liposuction.
  • By the use of local anaesthesia and the avoidance of general anaesthesia, the operation takes place, in the operating rooms of the Clinic and there is no need for hospitalization. The patient returns home immediately and to his daily activities the very next day, without any problems.
  • Being a minimally invasive procedure, it is less likely to produce bruising, compared to the classic liposuction.
  • It offers skin tightening, as it stimulates new collagen production, resulting in skin tightening in the area, which tackles the problem of cellulitis also.
  • The non-surgical liposuction does not leave scars in the area. It does not require incisions and suturing, as the cannulas used are of a much smaller diameter, than those used in the classic procedure. The micro – openings created, for the cannula insertion are tiny and they do not require suturing after the operation. They heal on their own and disappear after a few days.
  • Abdominal liposuction
  • Liposuction around the waist (love handles)
  • Buttocks liposuction
  • Thighs liposuction
  • Knee liposuction
  • Double chin liposuction
  • Arms liposuction
Λιποαναρρόφηση – Λιπογλυπτική

The results of the liposuction are to a great extent, visible right after the operation. At the end of the procedure, a special, elastic, compression garment should be worn for two weeks, in order to reduce swelling and to enhance the successful reshaping of the body.

Of course, the reshaping of the treated area will continue to improve, during the following weeks and months and you will be able to see your final result, approximately six months after the procedure.

Λιποαναρρόφηση, Λιπογλυπτική Μετεγχειρητικά


Who is the right candidate for liposuction?
Ideal patients are of normal or close to normal weight, with localised fat accumulations, which persist despite diet and exercise. Liposuction is not an alternative to diet or exercise and is not recommended as a treatment for obesity, as it is not a method of weight loss.

However, it has been observed, that when liposuction was done for over weighted patients, they were regaining their self-confidence and they were more willing afterwards, to follow a balanced diet and exercise.

Are the results permanent? Will I regain weight in the area?
The most important effect is that the liposuction results are permanent. This is because, by destroying the fat cells in the area, we decrease their total number. Of course, following a balanced diet and a healthy life style is recommended, in order to maintain a normal weight. However, if for any reason, the total body weight of the person increases, in the following years, the treated area will not be affected and will not regain weight.

Is liposuction a safe procedure?
Liposuction is a very safe procedure, if the surgeon, who performs it, does not underestimate the procedure. It is imperative, to be planned carefully, paying attention up to the smallest details and taking it seriously, like any other surgical procedure, even though it is a minimal invasive one.

For these reasons the surgeons adequate training and experience are essential. Statistics have shown that, if the operation is performed correctly, by a certified and experienced surgeon, the results are excellent and the complications are almost non-existent.

Does the skin loosen after liposuction?
If the operation is performed properly, there is no skin tone loss. The experienced surgeon knows how much fat should be removed from each area of the body, so that the skin does not sag.

However, if additional fat has to be removed from a specific area, this can take place in a second session, a few months after the first one, in order the skin, to have the ability to recover and tighten up. Patients with excessive skin laxity are not good candidates for liposuction. In such cases, when there is already a lot of skin laxity, before the liposuction, the surgeon must point this out to the patient and suggest a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), after the procedure.

I have already had a classic liposuction and I am not satisfied with the result. Can I have a bloodless corrective liposuction and if yes, how far apart, from the first operation?
Yes, you can have a second corrective surgery, ideally 6 months after the first liposuction, in order to have reached your final outcome, from the first operation.

What should I do in order to maintain the good result?
In order to maintain the good results, it is best to follow a daily exercise programme (gym, yoga, swimming etc), which must begin 5 – 7 days after the operation. In addition, a balanced diet plays a very important role, alongside a healthy way of life.


The cost of liposuction starts at 1500 euros.

Call us, in order to find out the cost of the treatment, you are interested in or our special prices for combined treatments.



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