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It’s the latest trend, in the field of regenerative medicine and is applied to various areas of the body and of course the face, achieving the most remarkable and most permanent results, compared to the ones, achieved by fat lipofilling or by hyaluronic acid. The fat, apart from the fact, that is used to replace volume loss, it has mesenchymal cells in it, which correct tissue damage on cellular level and act as a natural, regenerative agent.

The mesenchymal cells preparation, starts by obtaining a small amount of fat, from an area of the body (i.e. the belly or thighs). This fat is sent to specialized, certified labs, for cell isolation of mesenchymal cells. This way, we know the exact number of these cells harvested, while at the same time, it’s possible to cryopreserve mesenchymal cells in the certified lab, so they can be used in future treatments, without repeating the fat harvesting process again.

Afterwards, the mesenchymal cells are sent back to the clinic and the fat is enriched with them, in order to be able to do mesenchymal cells enriched, fat transplantation.

The results are to a great extent immediately visible and are better seen, in about a week, when possible swelling, which appears sometimes, settles down. The final result can be clearly seen in 3 months and it lasts for years. The face regains its lost volume and freshness and becomes glowing and more youthful, due to the regenerative effects of mesenchymal cells.

The contour of the face is lifted up, the cheeks have a better definition, the wrinkles under the eyes and the dark circles are corrected, while the nasolabial folds are eliminated naturally, without the use of hyaluronic acid (which needs repetition of the treatment every year). But the main advantage of Mesenchymal Cells Lipofilling, that no other filling procedure could give, is the renewal, cell regeneration and anti-ageing effect in the area, due to the regenerating properties of mesenchymal cells.

Lipofilling με Βλαστικά Κύτταρα Κοστος Αθηνα | Πριν και Μετα


Is it a safe process?
It is a completely safe process, which eliminates the risk of allergic reactions, as the harvested fat is an autologous substance, that comes from our own body and the results are totally natural.

Is Mesenchymal Cells Lipofilling painful?
The whole procedure of fat harvesting, takes place in the Clinic, in a well-equipped operating room, only under local anesthesia, making the treatment absolutely comfortable and pleasant for the patient.

The fat transfer also takes place, after local anesthesia is applied and is very well tolerated. The implantation of mesenchymal cells enriched fat, is done in a completely non – traumatic way, with blunt, very thin (<1mm) microcannulas.

How long do the results last?
Even after one single treatment with mesenchymal cells, a long-lasting effect is achieved. However, for a totally natural look and permanent results, we would recommend 2 – 3 repeated treatments, with a 3 months’ interval period between each one. This is because, medical studies have shown that a 20 – 30% of the transplanted fat is gradually absorbed, while the rest is permanent. Therefore, with subsequent treatments, the correction is achieved effectively and the results are permanent.

In Derm and Plastic Surgery Clinic, we insist on the natural results of our treatments and that’s why we gradually enhance the treatment areas, thus providing balanced and harmonious results.


The cost of Mesenchynal Cells Lipofilling starts at 1500 euros.

Call us, in order to find out the price of the treatment you are interested in or our special prices for combined treatments.



I was very reluctant at first and I was afraid, because of the previous doctor. But everything was different this time. I wish I had the first surgery done with them...

Angela S.

I was facing a scar problem after a surgery I had. They promised me that there would be no scar left, but that was not the case. So I decided to visit Derm & Plastic...

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The fact that they use autologous fat, alongside with my mesenchymal cells, reassures me that I will not have any allergies in the future. My skin’s quality has improved...

Valentina Volioti

Lipofilling with mesenchymal cells is really a miraculous therapy and the best treatment I ever had. I wasn’t aware of this technique, but when I visited the Clinic ...

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I did not feel any pain during the procedure and the results are excellent. If someone has the same problem, I strongly advise you to contact Dr. Zografou...

Giouli Krespi

We used this technique to fix dimples and irregularities on my legs, which were created by poor liposuction, from another doctor. I did not feel any pain during the procedure...

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