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Are you searching for a skin rejuvenation treatment, with longer lasting results, than those offered by hyaluronic acid and at the same time, an absolutely natural result? That’s Lipofilling that is the autologous transfer of fat, which has been taken from our own body. The hyaluronic acid is used regularly in cosmetic medicine, for rejuvenation of the face.

However, there are cases, in which a more permanent solution is desired. In such cases, the answer is lipofilling, which in addition, contributes to skin cell renewal, by the mesenchymal cells that are present, in our body’s fat tissue. Lipofilling is a minimally invasive method, in which, our own fat taken from body areas (like the tummy or thighs), is injected back in parts of our face and body, where is needed, in order to lift and rejuvenate the skin.

Lipofilling is applied in those cases, where the patients do not require a surgical lifting, but wish to lift and rejuvenate their skin, in a non – invasive manner. This treatment is ideally applied, on patients of 40 – 50 years of age, with moderate skin laxity.

It is a procedure that is easily combined with liposuction. If a patient would like to undergo liposuction, for treating some areas with fat accumulation, part of the fat can be kept and it can be used for lipofilling treatment on the same day, for facial lifting and rejuvenation.

With lipofilling we can obtain remarkable results:

  • in the case of volume loss on the face
  • in treating wrinkles naturally
  • in correcting dark circles
  • in providing a better cheek definition
  • in treating nasolabial folds
  • in enhancing the facial contour
  • in buttocks augmentation and lifting

By this method, we can lift up the skin and decrease its wrinkles, in a totally natural way, to regain its glow, firmness and a more youthful look.

Lipofilling can also be used for non – cosmetic reasons, in medical applications for patients who, due to a number of reasons (accidents, burns, congenital abnormalities), developed some sort of facial or body dysmorphia or atrophy. By this technique, we obtain fat from one area of the body and we transfer it to the problematic area (dysmorphia, atrophy etc).

These cases are usually difficult cases, without many treatment options: a disfigured, burnt hand or an atrophic face may indeed, be significantly improved by this technique. Lipofilling is also used, in order to correct imperfections from a previous, unsuccessful, non-correctly done liposuction, where the skin is marked with indentations and irregularities. The results of these corrections are absolutely natural, giving back to the body its natural shape.

The treatment is minimally invasive, painless and is done under local anesthesia. We remove fat from an area of the body, such as the tummy or the thighs, through a 2mm insertion point, through which a fat harvesting cannula is inserted and fat is withdrawn. The fat, which is collected, is kept in sterile syringes and is ready to be used immediately. It is injected in areas, where is needed, on the face or the body, through special, atraumatic, blunt, fat-grafting microcannulas and the whole procedure is totally painfree and comfortable for the patient.

Lipofilling is a time – consuming process compared to fillers, due to the preparation required for fat harvesting and its subsequent grafting. The fat harvesting and grafting process lasts from 1 – 2 hours and takes place in the well-equipped, modern operating rooms of our clinic.

  • The skin is lifted naturally, without a surgical lift
  • Non – surgical procedure, without cuts or sutures
  • Longer lasting results
  • Permanent results, when 2 – 3 subsequent sessions are done
  • It does not cause any allergic reactions (autologous fat)
  • There is no restriction for the quantity. We can take out, as much fat, as we need to use.
Πόσο κοστίζει το Lipofilling / Lipolifting στην Αθήνα? Μεταφορα λιπους σε χειλη, προσωπο, στηθος κ γλουτους. Φωτογραφιες Πριν και Μετα.

The results are immediately visible, at a glance in the mirror, just after the treatment and the patient satisfaction is extremely high.

After the first lipofilling session, approximately 30% of the fat will be gradually lost, but the rest is permanent.

Therefore, when 2 – 3 subsequent sessions are done, with an interval of 3 months, between each session, the results can be very natural and most importantly permanent.

Πόσο κοστίζει το Lipofilling / Lipolifting στην Αθήνα? Μεταφορα λιπους σε χειλη, προσωπο, στηθος κ γλουτους. Φωτογραφιες Πριν και Μετα.
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The cost of Lipofilling starts at 1000 euros.

Call us, in order to find out the price of the treatment, you are interested in or the special prices, for our combined treatments.



From the very first appointment, I realized she has extensive knowledge and experience in this field and I made a further appointment to do the lipolifting...

Antigoni Kalantzi

I had seen a TV interview, in which Dr Zografou was talking about lipofilling. The results of her patients were excellent and absolutely natural...

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Without incisions, stitches and suffering, I have an absolutely natural and not stretched, pulled back looking face. I am convinced that lipofilling is the best...

Smaragda K.

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I saw many pictures of other patients, we made another appointment and went ahead. The result is wonderful and I highly recommend it to others...

Alexandropoulou Vaso

I watched Dr Zografou on a TV program talking about lipofilling. I contacted her secretary and booked an appointment for more information...

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