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By the term Lipolysis, we refer to treatments, which either alone or in combination, have the ability to reshape the curves of the body, wherever there is excess localized fat.

The modern therapeutic protocols we use in Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, alongside with the latest technology in medical equipment and the extensive experience of Dr. Zografou, as an International Leading Expert in the field of Liposuction – Liposculpture, guarantee you an impressive and permanent result, reshaping the body to its natural curves. It is not by chance, that the method we use in our Clinic, is called Total 3D Liposculpting.

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we insist on providing permanent results. Therefore, the treatments we offer are aiming on the destruction of fat cells and not on reducing their size. Thus, even if a patient gains weight, later on in the future, there will be no fat accumulation, on the treated body area, as the fat cells will no longer exist there, to re-grow in size.

Conventional fat removal methods such as liposuction, are well known for their effectiveness, but also for their longer recovery time. However, people nowadays, ask for new techniques that are less or not at all invasive, with a very short recovery time, providing however excellent results and that’s why lipolysis is so popular, because it offers all these.

It is an injectable form of mesotherapy, in which the problematic areas are treated, by injecting lipolytic agents, which dissolve the fat. It is a relatively painless method, because of the use of local anaesthetic and it has a minimal recovery time, with some swelling in the treated area. It has permanent lipolytic results, for a very simple reason. The ingredients used for lipolysis, are similar to the ones our own body produces, in order to dissolve fat during digestion, after meals. Therefore, it is causing permanent destruction of fat cells.

Lipolysis is recommended for the neck area (double chin treatment) with excellent and permanent results. It also has excellent results in small fat accumulations in the arms, belly, love handles, in the inner thighs and knee area and also in pseudo-gynaecomastia. The only cases, in which lipolysis is not recommended is during pregnancy, in patients with hyperlipidemia, diabetes mellitus and autoimmune diseases.

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer an incredible and innovative treatment, which is called Total 3D Liposculpting. It is a combination of two treatments, the Injection Lipolysis and the Cavitation RF, thus maximizing the effectiveness in a shorter period of time.

Cavitation RF, also known as 3D Lipo, is one of the most effective, modern, non-invasive liposculpture methods. It involves the use of specific ultrasounds, which are targeting the fat cells, accumulated under the skin. What is amazing about this method is the irreversible destruction of the fat cells that have created the problem. The targeted fat cells burst during this treatment and gradually excreted through the lymphatic system.

The term RF refers to radiofrequencies, where energy is emitted through the head of the device, which comes into contact with the skin and is transferred to the subcutaneous tissue. This energy is melting the fat cells and is stimulating the lymphatic system, to absorb and excrete these destructed cells.

Radiofrequency also targets fibroblasts that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which in turn tightens the skin. Common applications of Cavitation RF therapy are the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms with excellent results.

Λιπόλυση λιπογλυπτική


The cost of lipolysis starts at 150 euros.

Call us, to find out about the price of treatment, you are interested in or our special prices for combined therapies.



Without surgery and without any down time. By following this treatment, my cellulite from my legs had also disappeared and that was another problem, which I was also...


I was facing a problem with localized fat. I was not overweight, but I had problems with certain areas on my legs, where fat was accumulated...

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treatment for localized fat, with injection lipolysis. I didn’t hurt and the recovery was easy, with only a bit of swelling locally. The result is amazing. Thank you so much....

Nikos Vikelis

I wanted to get rid of the fat in the double chin, but I was afraid of the operation. So, I decided to have the non-invasive treatment for localized fat, with injection lipolysis...

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So, by doing these treatments in parallel, I have already lost 4 cm from my tummy. I continue my treatments and I am very pleased...

Dorothea K.

I decided to have lipolysis, as I could not get rid of the weight in my tummy. Dr Zografou told me, that the best and fastest solution would be a mini liposuction...

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