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Hyaluronic Acid is a glycosaminoglycan, a substance produced by our body. Injectable hyaluronic acid is a stabilized molecule of hyaluronic acid, identical and perfectly biocompatible with the hyaluronic acid of our own body.

Injectable hyaluronic, apart from replacing the lost volume of the face and smoothing the wrinkles, it is also a highly hydrophilic molecule, which attracts and binds water under the skin, helping the skin’s hydration, from within.

Hyaluronic Acid is injected to soften facial wrinkles and is available in various densities, in order to be suitable for all types of wrinkles, as it is illustrated below.

Besides its use on the face, it can be used to correct:

  • The wrinkles in the neck and décolleté
  • The dehydrated skin, on the dorsum of hands
  • The shape of the nose (rhinoplasty without surgery)
  • To fill up and correct acne scars or post-trauma scars.
  • Augmentation of the buttocks
  • Increase breast volume (non-surgical breast augmentation)
Hyaluronic Acid Prices - Athens

Nowadays, we have the ability to correct the problem of a bad looking nose, without the need for the patient to undergo nose surgery. The best candidates for this procedure are patients who have good breathing function and moderate degree of nose malformation.

People with a small or moderate bump, on the dorsum of the nose or with a moderate curved nose, are ideal candidates for rhinoplasty without surgery. We note, that this technique improves only the external appearance of the nose and not the nasal septum deviation, if it coexists.

Furthermore, the doctor who does this application should be very experienced, skilled and knowledgeable of the surgical anatomy of the area, as there have been cases of patients with bad results, in the hands of non-specialists.

Non surgical rhinoplasty - Hyaluronic Acid Prices

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we insist on the natural results of our treatments and our target in lip augmentation is not to “inflate” the lips. After individualized, careful analysis of your anatomy and strict consideration of aesthetic harmony, we carefully design the infusion areas, in order to give you the result that aesthetically suits your face.

We give volume and beautiful shape to the lips, highlighting their beautiful features and making them look natural, without anyone noticing that someone has treated them. We must mention here, that unfortunately, we have all seen, unattractive results from bad applications, which have made many women doubtful and scared of having the same effects. But this is a doctor’s responsibility of having good sense of what natural beauty is.

The large and fleshy lips do not fit in all faces. Large, volumized lips do not match faces with fine features. A necessary prerequisite for a beautiful and safe result is the good knowledge of the anatomy and aesthetics of the face, but also the good aesthetic sense and the avoidance, of any kind of exaggeration, by the doctor.

Hyaluronic Acid - Lip Augmentation

With the microcannula technique, the application of hyaluronic acid is done without needles, totally atraumatic, due to the elasticity and blunt edge of the cannula, which does not injure the tissues. The microcannula technique can be applied to the entire face and lips.

This technique is ideal and it is recommended for people who easily bruise, as well as, in areas like the eyes due to the many vessels that this area has. This reduces the risk of bruising and swelling and the result is much more even and harmonious.

Hyaluronic Acid Cannula Technique

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we can correct patients (that have been to other Clinics or Doctors), whose features were distorted, due to applications that were not done correctly.

If you do not like the result of your hyaluronic acid, either because the hyaluronic was injected in the wrong place or in an excessive quantity, Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic is the right place to come to.

After personalized, careful analysis of your anatomy, we will correct the problem, bringing harmony back to your face.


At what age we should start treatment with Hyaluronic Acid?
There is no age limit for hyaluronic acid treatments and one can start from the age of 18 and on, in order to correct something that doesn’t like, for example a bump on his nose.

However, the most frequent applications are in people around 35-45 years old, who want to prevent the first signs of ageing and to highlight their natural beauty.

Does it have an immediate effect?
The effect of hyaluronic acid injection is direct and impressive, if the doctor, who makes the application, is experienced and has an excellent aesthetic sense, for what natural beauty is.

The results, in the hands of such a doctor, will be absolutely natural and your face will look fresher and more relaxed, without anyone noticing what you have done.

Is hyaluronic acid treatment safe?
This depends on the quality of the material, which is used. Cheap and of questionable origin hyaluronic, is often associated with the appearance of granulomas and allergic reactions.

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we only use Restylane and you will get the barcode of the product used in your treatment.

Restylane is the most scientifically supported hyaluronic acid in the world, with extensive studies demonstrating its safety and efficacy, as it has been used in over 15 million treatments worldwide, over the last 12 years.

How long does the session last?
The duration of the treatment with hyaluronic acid is 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of treated areas.

How often should the treatment with Hyaluronic Acid be repeated?
The results last for about 1 year, sometimes longer, depending on the treated area and how quickly the hyaluronic acid is metabolized by the body. Therefore, the frequency of the treatment is clearly individualized.

What are the side effects?
After hyaluronic acid treatment, swelling and possibly some bruising at the injection points may occur. These undesirable side effects are to some extent expected, but last for a short time.

Does Hyaluronic Acid treatment hurt?
No. Injectable hyaluronic acid contains a small amount of anaesthetic and you will no feel any pain, during the procedure. However, for very sensitive persons, we can apply local anesthetic cream, before the treatment or local anesthesia can be done and that makes the procedure completely painless.


The cost of a hyaluronic acid treatment starts at 200 euros.

Call us, to find out the price of treatment you are interested in or the special prices for combined therapies.



I did not hurt at all, while the doctor was explaining every step of the procedure, in order to be prepared what to expect. Perfect result and perfect cooperation!!...

Diana Hertel

I had hyaluronic for my upper lip, as I only wanted the upper lip to become fuller. The result is so natural. I did not hurt at all, while the doctor was explaining every step of the procedure, in order to be prepared..

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What is more, it has a very harmonious result. With the same technique, you can actually have a Liquid Face Lift, within 1 hour with zero hassle...

Corina Koller

For those who are afraid of the needles like me, I would suggest to talk to Dr Zografou and trust her, because the microcannula technique that she applies is not only painless, but it does not also leave bruises...

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The products they use are excellent! No irritation was caused and my face was visibly hydrated and uplifted. Now, I will proceed with the same treatment...

Stella Vasileiou

I always had difficulty in deciding to have aesthetic interventions, as I am sensitive to several things. For this reason, I was particularly reluctant to add hyaluronic to my wrinkles. After getting informed by...

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