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Men hair loss is a common problem, which concerns a great percentage of the male population. It is a gradual change, from healthy hair to gradual hair thinning and weakening and eventually in permanent hair loss, without new hair regeneration. It begins on the top of the head, alongside the forehead line and the temples.

The most common cause of hair loss in men is inherited androgenetic alopecia (cause in 95% of the cases). If there is family history of hair loss or baldness in your family, then hair loss chances are increased for you too, even as early on as, during adolescence.

The causes of androgenetic alopecia are:

  • A hereditary predisposition. If some of your close relatives (from your mother’s or father’s side) have lost their hair, then there is a much greater chance, that the same will happen to you too, as the main cause of male hair loss, is caused by certain genes, passed down to us, by our parents.
  • Androgens. Testosterone is the main male hormone. When it reaches the hair follicle, through the blood stream, it binds to an enzyme (5a reductase) and converts to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This conversion occurs in all men, but men suffering from androgenetic alopecia, inherit a “genetic vulnerability” to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This leads to a gradual thinning and weakening of the hair, with eventual loss. This does not mean, that men with hair loss, have more androgen, than those who do not experience hair loss. It simply means, that their hair follicles are “more sensitive” to androgens (with normal androgen levels).

The scalp is distinguished in two areas:

  • The hormonal – dependent area (forehead, temporal and crown area), like the front, sides and top of the head and these are the areas, where hair loss appears gradually, due to the vulnerability of hair follicles to androgens.
  • The non hormonal – dependent area (occipital zone), is the back of the head, which is the area not affected by androgens and the hair there does not fall. Therefore, this area, is the donor area for hair transplantation, to harvest enough hair follicles and transfer them to the recipient area, at the front of the head.

Other factors (read more about the causes of male hair loss here), which may be responsible for hair loss are daily stress, poor nutrition, the use of certain medication, hormonal imbalances etc. which may aggravate your existing hair loss.

It is certain, that if you have a genetic predisposition for androgenetic alopecia, as time passes, you will not stop losing hair, unless you do something about it. Fortunately today, there are several effective solutions, both non-invasive (learn more here) as well as, minimally invasive, such as hair transplantation.

Proper and early diagnosis is the first and most important step, in the effective treatment of male hair loss. In order to determine the exact cause of your hair loss and to determine the right treatment plan for you, your full medical history has to be taken and then, a series of tests must be done. The most important of all, is digital trichoscopy, as we perform trichoscopy controlled FUE.

Digital trichoscopy is the most important step, in assessing your hair loss and scalp characteristics. With a specialized software program and a high-resolution camera, we examine and analyze the entire area and the quality and density of the scalp is recorded. We can also assess, the hair density of the donor area, the specific characteristics of the hair follicles (thickness, diameter, depth), as well as, the number of hair follicles required in your case, in order to cover the recipient areas, on the front of the head.

Hair thinning on the head is distinguished in stages (according to the Norwood Hamilton scale).

In each of these stages, the number of hair follicles, required to cover the recipient areas, has been approximately calculated.

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Hair Loss Treatments Athens

Hair transplantation
with the most advanced methods worldwide!!

Hair transplantation is the most efficient method, to treat male hair loss and above all, is the only method with permanent results.

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Hair Clinic, as a specialized Hair Transplant Clinic, we use all existing and approved hair transplant techniques. Which technique will be used in your case, depends on your present needs, the condition of your scalp, your future needs and your wishes.

Μεταμοσχευση μαλλιων (εμφυτευση): Τιμες προσιτες για ανδρες που αντιμετωπιζουν προβληματα τριχοπτωσης με την συγχρονη μεθοδο Custom Cut FUE στην Αθηνα.

What is our unique difference?
We perform Custom Cut FUE

Hair on our head, grows normally in the form of hair follicular units (hair follicles) where each hair follicle contains one, two, three or four hairs. In Derm & Plastic Surgery Hair Clinic, we differentiate, in relation to other clinics or doctors, as we offer a Custom Cut FUE. What this practically means for our patients?

It means, that the specially designed instruments for harvesting and transplanting the hair follicles are custom made for you, based on the characteristics of your hair follicles. This is done by special order and construction of these instruments, according to the results of your digital trichoscopy, which always precedes the transplantation. In this trichoscopic assessment, the number of hair follicles available for transplantation and their specific characteristics (hair follicle size, hair diameter, etc.) is recorded. Following these findings, the instruments are ordered (custom cut) for your transplantation, so that their size fits perfectly that of your follicles (unique matching).

This “uniqueness” of every instrument, which is specially designed, allows us to minimize trauma to the skin and to the skin’s underlying blood vessels, thus minimally affecting the donor and recipient area, avoiding unnecessary larger punctures, compared to what is really needed. Even if 0.1mm or 0.2mm, in each puncture’s size, may sound as an insignificant difference, if you consider that each puncture, is going to be repeated 1500 to 4000 times, on both the harvesting and the recipient area, then even this 0.1mm will add significantly to the skin’s injury and vascularization. Minimal detail, but in perfection details make the difference!!

Perfect Transplantation, is a matter of both aesthetics and talent!
We guarantee it!! We do not accept anything less, than Perfection!!

On transplantation day and just before the procedure begins, we perform a special digital assessment, based on the principles of facial anatomy, in order to design the transplanted follicles positions, exclusively for the individual needs of your face and the hairline, which suits your forehead. This stage is crucial, for delivering a perfectly natural result, as by no means, should the final result look unnatural or resemble a doll’s hair.

In our Clinic, we want to create soft, natural forehead lines that blend harmoniously with the characteristics of each face and this is why, we design them with unparalleled accuracy, following the natural pattern of your own hair follicles. Then, we apply a local anaesthetic solution, locally in the donor area, at the back of the head, which makes the whole harvesting procedure painless and totally tolerable for the patient. Following that, with the specially designed custom-made instruments (0.6mm – 0.9mm in diameter), we harvest the follicles from the back of the head.

This technique requires real dexterity from the doctor and it takes more time and more effort, which is why many doctors avoid it, suggesting the strip method (to have the same number of follicles, in less time and with less effort for them), even in patients who are excellent candidates for the FUE technique. In our Clinic, we harvest hair follicles by a special automated Power FUE device and therefore we manage to remove a large number of hair follicles, in less time.

Immediately after their removal, the hair follicles are kept in optimal conditions (wet and cold environment 2-4 oC), in a special solution used for hair transplants (Hyperthermosol + Liposomal ATP) and not in normal saline. This special solution is the best for enhancing the viability and strength of hair follicles, as many medical studies have shown.

What is our unique difference?
We perform quality control of follicles, upon extraction

We would like to mention here, that at the time of follicle extraction, the whole process is monitored by a special device and is accessible to both the patient and the medical team. All the parameters, which determine the final viability and the successful transplantation of hair follicles, such as number of hair follicles, thickness, presence of follicular bulb, are checked and therefore, we have quality control of the entire process.

Once, the necessary number of hair follicles has been obtained, a half an hour break is made, for the patient to stretch, rest and enjoy the meal of his preference, provided by the Clinic (let us know here about your dietary preferences). Immediately after that, the patient returns to the transplantation room, for the administration of local anaesthetic into the recipient area, on the front of the head, in order to begin the transplanting process. The implantation starts with the creation of microslits (for the subsequent atraumatic implantation with implanters), which is performed in the proper depth, angle and orientation, with custom cut blades, that have been created according to the characteristics of your own hair follicles, as it has been recorded in your digital trichoscopy.

Subsequently, the implants are placed to the custom cut implanters and are ready for transplantation, into the microslits. These special implanters are ordered, according to the characteristics of your hair follicles, in order to receive the graft with its exact diameter. That way, we eliminate the graft injury and its subsequent loss, which is observed in the method of direct implantation, without custom cut implanters and without creating microslits. That way, minimal skin injury is ensured, since your microslits are just the sizes of your own implanters.

This is how, in Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we are able to minimize trauma to the recipient area, to the least possible and can guarantee the maximum possible hair density, achieving an excellent, natural looking final result.

As a specialized Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer all the approved hair transplant methods, where indicated. Therefore, for patients that the FUE method, is not applicable for some reasons, (the reasons are analyzed and explained to the patient in details) we are able to offer alternative techniques.

  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation – Strip method)
    This method is applied to men, who do not want to shave their heads and require a large number of implants for their problem. It is also indicated, for cases with curly hair or thin blond hair.
    In this method, we remove a strip of skin from the occipital region, followed by the separation of the hair follicular units, by the staff of our clinic, under special stereoscopic microscopes.
    Upon closure of the strip, we always perform a specific type of suturing, called trichophytic closure and thus an invisible scar is ensured, as this special closure, allow hair to grow through the scar.
    In Derm & Plastic Surgery Hair Clinic, the trichophytic closure is performed, by our highly experienced surgeon. Anxiety for the presence of a bad scar, at the end of this procedure, should NOT be the factor that will put you off, from having the FUT technique, as long as, you are suitable candidate for this method and you choose the right surgeon, who knows and applies this closure with a perfect result.
  • Combination of FUE & FUT
    The combination, of both the main hair transplant techniques, is quite an advantage to a surgeon, who is an expert and can perform flawlessly both methods, with an outstanding result.
    In this combined method, hair follicles are extracted simultaneously, using both techniques, on the same day. Thus, we maximize the number of hair follicles received without full shaving. The combination is applied in cases, where the patient needs a big number of hair follicles and wishes FUE, but does not want to shave much of his head.
  • Mini-FUT (mini-strips)
    It is mainly applied to patients, who have undergone multiple previous transplantations, making it difficult to apply the FUE method, due to adhesions or the FUT method, due to loss of elasticity. In this method, mini strips are removed from the stable hairline zone, at the back of the head, in a minimally invasive manner, always followed by trichophytic closure. Then, we perform the same hair follicle isolation, under the miscroscopes, as in the FUT method. With the MiniFUT, we take full advantage of the residual potential of the donor area, in difficult cases, without alternative treatment options.
  • NanoFUE
    Nanografts are very fine single-hair implants, applied to eyebrows, where a totally natural and harmonious result is required, simulating the anatomical features of the natural brow.
  • Unshaven FUE
    When shaving of the donor area, is an inhibitory factor in carrying out hair transplantation, using the FUE method, we have the choice to perform the unshaven FUE. It applies to people, who for personal, professional, social reasons (politicians, actors, models), do not want to be seen that they have undergone hair transplantation.
  • BHT (Body Hair Transplantation)
    This method is applied in extreme cases, in which the donor area of the head, has been depleted of hair follicles. Then, our choice in these cases, is harvesting follicles, from the rest of the body e.g on the beard area, chest, abdomen, legs, pubic area, the arms and the armpits.
  • It is completely tailored, to the characteristics of your own follicles (custom made)
  • It is minimally invasive and performed only with local anesthesia
  • It involves no pain or discomfort post – operatively
  • It involves minimal blood loss (bloodless)
  • It allows rapid healing
  • It has no permanent scars, in the donor area
  • It does not require suturing
  • It allows hair regrowth in the donor area, as some hair follicle mesenchymal cells are left there, to regenerate
  • It allows the donor area, to be used again for harvesting, in future transplantations

After the operation, the transplanted hair can be washed, dyed, brushed or cut normally and no special care is required, for their maintenance. These hairs will remain in their new position forever and they won’t fall off. This happens, as they maintain the properties, they had in the donor area, which is the area not affected by androgens and hairs there don’t fall. These hairs will begin to grow, immediately after their implantation and they will show 3 months, after the transplantation, while the final result will be completed in almost 1 year.

After the completion of hair transplantation, a digital trichoscopy is repeated regularly (3, 6 and 12 months), which allows detailed examination and detection of changes, in the transplanted areas and provides comparative images “before” and “after”. It is certain, that in Derm & Plastic Surgery Hair Clinic, your hair will not be left to their fate, after the transplantation! Monitoring our patients post-operatively is a commitment for us, as we guarantee regrowth of every single hair follicle!

Many times, the person interested in hair transplantation, will be in a dilemma, concerning which technique or doctor should choose, as he has heard of patients, who have been victims of marketing, in the field of hair transplantation. That’s why, making an informed decision, should be your priority.


Will my hair, in the donor area, look thinner after follicle extraction?
The donor area has enough hair density, which allows for the extraction of up to 50% of its hair follicles (around 30.000 individual hairs), without this harvesting becoming noticeable.

Is hair transplantation painful?
No. The transplantation, is performed exclusively under local anesthesia, in a medical environment and is perfectly safe and pain free. At the end of the procedure, you may return home, while you can continue your social and professional activities, on the very next day.

How long does the procedure last?
Depending on the area we have to cover, duration varies from 3 to 7 hours. During this time frame, we can handle cases, requiring a large number of hair follicle transplants (mega – sessions), enriching the medical team appropriately, with more staff.

When can I get back to my job?
Since the FUE method is minimally invasive, you can return from the very next day to your job. If you have enough hair, to cover the points of extraction and implantation of the hair follicles, then the method will go unnoticed, if you are interested that others should not know.

In these cases, we have also the possibility of performing hair transplantation, using the Unshaven-FUE technique, without shaving the donor area. The hair follicles are obtained, after the hairs are trimmed a little and transported to the recipient areas, where they are placed, in between the remaining long hair. As the hairs, are taken from various points in the donor area, the spots are not visible, because they are too tiny, to be seen and secondly are covered, by the length of the neighboring, longer hair.

After how many days, can I wash my hair?
The donor area can be washed from the following day and the rest of the head, after 3 days. Washing your hair daily is important, for maintaining the hairs in a clean and hygienic environment.

When will the results begin to show?
New hairs begin to grow, immediately after implanting and appear on average, 3 months after the transplantation, while the final result is completed within one year.

Hair transplantation is possible only on the head?
It can be performed on any part of the body. FUE transplants can ne performed on eyebrows, mustache, beard and any other area, where hairs are missing.

Does hair transplantation stop hair loss?
Hair loss does not stop, after transplantation. This is why, transplantation requires experience and meticulous, expert planning, in order to be able to accommodate, the future needs of the patient. The recipient sites and the frontal hairline should be designed, taking into consideration, future evolution of hair loss, in a way that the result will remain aesthetically pleasing.

What is the most suitable age to do Hair Transplantation?
There is no right or wrong age. It is certain, however, that the sooner we intervene, the better it will be. It remains a great advantage for someone, to treat hair loss with hair transplantation, before hair loss becomes very obvious. Following this course of action, some smaller repeated sessions will be required, depending on the progress of hair loss, but on the other hand, giving the impression of going bald, will certainly be avoided.

Is the Custom Cut FUE expensive?
Nowadays, hair transplantation is not a luxury. The FUE method, which in the past, was incomparably more expensive than other methods, is now affordable to everyone. The cost of hair transplantation, is a concern to all patients suffering from hair loss, who are interested in undergoing hair transplantation. However, the price should not be your top criterion for your choice. On the contrary, before you finalize your decision on the doctor and clinic of your choice, you should take into consideration a number of factors and prerequisites, crucial to the success of your operation and consequently of your later life.

Low prices should make you cautious, about the quality of the result. Usually, hair transplantations offered at much lower prices, are commonly performed, by inexperienced, non-qualified doctors or paramedical staff, with cheap surgical instruments and the end result, is disappointing and unfortunately is permanent and difficult to be corrected, later on.

That’s why, we urge those who visit our Clinic, to visit other clinics and other doctors also, in order to be able to compare and make an informed choice of who is the best. The surgeon to whom, you will trust your head, should inspire confidence to you, that is certified, very well informed and updated, with the latest developments in this field and most important of all, is an expert in ALL techniques.


The cost of hair transplantation in our Clinic starts at 1.500 euros and is determined, according to the extent of the problem.



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