Laser Bikini: With these prices, do you still shave?

Η αποτρίχωση μπικίνι με Laser αποτελεί πλέον την επιλογή των περισσότερων γυναικών.
αποτρίχωση bikini

Nowadays, many women choose laser hair removal as a permanent method. The Lasers’ Department of Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic has the world’s leading 7th generation Alexandrite hair removal laser that it is specially manufactured to remove unwanted hair easily, with no pain at all and at the fewest possible sessions.

 Laser Bikini Hair Removal – How does this new laser work?

The 7th Generation Laser Alexandrite is the most advanced, state-of-the-art Laser Device and is based on the theory of selective photothermolysis, where selective elimination of the target is achieved, without injuring the skin. No irritation is caused and thanks to the cooling system of the cold-air laser, it is totally painless.

 Bikini Laser Hair Removal Styles – Are there different options?

The answer is YES. Laser bikini hair removal is one of the most popular treatments in our Clinic. You can choose amongst different styles such as bikini outline borders, Brazilian bikini, full bikini laser etc. You just choose the shape you want and leave the rest to us.

Get to know why the 7th generation Laser is superior to all other lasers

 PAINLESS: Thanks to its unique technology, the laser spots’ ending transmits cooling very efficiently, minimizing the risk of burns and making the process totally painless, compared to older Alexandrites and other types of lasers. This makes it ideal, even for the most sensitive parts of the body.

QUICK: Because of the new technology with high-speed rate, sessions are completed almost in half time in comparison with Alexandrite devices of older generations.

EFFECTIVE: With its technology, even the thinnest hair that remain with all other lasers, are painlessly and effectively removed with 7th generation Alexandrite.

 It is also, used in TANNED SKIN: It is applied to all skin types, even in dark or tanned skin with the guarantee of the American FDA.

Is it affordable?

Common bikini hair removal methods, such as razor blades, waxing hair, etc., can cause side effects, such as folliculitis, infection and ingrowning hair. For the all these reasons, laser hair removal is recommended not only for the permanent result it offers, but also for the eradication of these annoying symptoms. Futhermore, by comparing the total cost of time and money involved in other conservative methods with that of the laser, it turns out that laser hair removal is at the end much more economical.

 Why Alexandrite Laser?

 Because according to medical research, medical guidelines (EADV – European Academy of Dermatology-Venereology) and gold standards in the field of lasers, Alexandrite is superior to the diode lasers or to the depilation with IPL / SHR (which are not even lasers but photolysis devices, which simply emit light in a non-specific spectrum) as it has more permanent results and higher rates of efficiency. The greater efficiency of Alexandrite laser means that there will be fewer sessions and smaller costs for the patient.

Why to trust our Clinic?

Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic is a Medical Clinic that treats hair removal process as a medical procedure and not as a beauty procedure. It is only applied after your skin has been thoroughly checked by a Dermatologist, who sets the appropriate laser settings for effective and above all safe hair removal. We are proud to provide to our patients, the most modern and innovative Laser in Greece, with the highest standards of safety at the most affordable market prices. Take advantage of our offers and special prices and make your appointment today for the best hair removal you’ve ever had!

Learn more about this new laser technology, our prices and our offers here.

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