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The appearance of a man’s body is an important factor, contributing to his masculinity. Sometimes, no matter how hard someone is trying, with exercise or diet, these are not enough for solving problems, such as Gynecomastia. The solution to this problem is surgery, but the surgical procedure up until today, discouraged many men, as it was quite painful, required incisions and had long recovery time.

Nowadays, with the latest advances in medical technology and with new minimally invasive techniques, we can treat Gynecomastia, in a bloodless, painless, safer way, with less recovery time.

Gynecomastia is usually caused by a combination of fat deposition on the breast and overgrowth of the glandular tissue. It is a fairly common problem, which often leads men to seek a solution.

Gynecomastia usually appears during puberty and in most cases is idiopathic, arising spontaneously. Some factors, which may be responsible for it, are genetic abnormalities or certain syndromes (i.e. The Klinefelter syndrome), medications (anabolic steroids, antidepressants) hormonal disorders, chronic liver diseases, obesity, as well as aging.

Gynecomastia may cause psychological problems to men, regarding their masculine appearance. This is why, more and more men are seeking doctor’s help, in order to find a permanent solution to this problem.

Depending on the cause, we categorize Gynecomastia in the following types:

  • Idiopathic Gynecomastia: the most common occurring type, with no clear causes, apart from hereditary reasons
  • Adolescence Gynecomastia: it appears during puberty and disappears after adolescence
  • Gynecomastia due to obesity: in cases with a body mass index (BMI) >30
  • Gynecomastia of older ages: it is common in older men
  • Pathological Gynecomastia: it is due to hormonal disorders, organic diseases or the result of taking certain medications
  • Breast cancer: a rare form of Gynecomastia, which usually appears as a breast increase, on one side only (unilateral)

Before any treatment, we ask for an ultrasound imaging of both breasts, in order to obtain an accurate image of the breasts’ constitution of muscle, fat and glandular tissue, while at the same time, we order a hormonal checkup, in order to exclude any possible hormonal disorders.

Gynecomastia Treatment Price Athens

The procedure begins with infusion of a specialized anaesthetic solution, into the breasts, in order to produce local anaesthesia. The infiltration of the area with the anaesthetic solution, makes the whole procedure painless and makes suction easier, while at the same time it facilitates adequate haemostasis, minimizing blood loss during the treatment, which translates in less bruising post – operatively.

When the anaesthetic infiltration is complete, a very small 3mm diameter cannula, is inserted through a tiny opening, into the subcutaneous layer, in the right position and at the right level, in order to suction out the fat and the hypertrophic glandular tissue from the area. This new technique allows us to perform a more superficial and bloodless liposuction, offering also liposculpture at the same time. Liposculpture is a very artistic, refinement of the treated area.

Thanks to the minimally invasive technique, bruises practically range from very few to not at all. At the end of this procedure, there are no incisions and no sutures and the openings through which the cannulas were inserted, are so small that heal on their own after a few days.

This modern technique does not require overnight stay at the clinic, hence we avoid hospitalization costs and the procedure is possible in a specially designed operating room, under local anaesthesia, making the operation safer, easier, faster and painless. The entire procedure lasts for 1-1.5 hour. Post – operative swelling recedes faster, than in any other surgical technique and there is little discomfort or no pain at all, after the operation.

The results are to a great extent, visible right after the operation. Many patients cannot believe how immediate the results are, with very limited recovery time, so they can return to their daily activities, on the very next day.

At the end of the procedure, a special, elastic, compression garment should be worn for two weeks, in order to reduce swelling and to enhance the successful reshaping of the body.

Of course, the reshaping of the treated area will continue to improve, during the following weeks and months and you will be able to see your final result, approximately 6 months after the procedure.

Gynecomastia Treatment Price Athens


What are the differences between this bloodless procedure and the classical operation?

  • The bloodless technique of Gynecomastia does not include the risks of general anesthesia (from which most complications arise).
  • It is performed exclusively, under local anaesthesia, making the operation totally safe, while the infusion of the area with the special anaesthetic solution (tumescent Klein’s solution) facilitates suction, without blood loss (bloodless technique).
  • Local anaesthesia makes the operation completely painless and enables the patient to change positions during the procedure and collaborate with the surgeon, so that it will be easier for him to provide the optimum aesthetic result, which is liposculpture and not just liposuction.
  • Recovery time is diminished, no hospitalization is required, the operation is performed in a specially well-equipped operating room and the patient returns home immediately after and to their daily activities, on the very next day, without any problems whatsoever.
  • The technique does not leave scars in the area. It does not require incisions and suturing. The micro – openings created, for the cannula insertion are tiny and they do not require suturing after the operation. They heal on their own and disappear after a few days.

What should I be cautious about post – operatively?
After the operation, the patient has to follow these instructions:

  • Wear the special compressive vest for 20 days.
  • Take antibiotics, as a precaution for 3 – 5 days after surgery, as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Avoid wetting the area on the first day, while he can shower as usual, from the next day.
  • Avoid intense exercise for the first 5-7 days, while he can start a mild form of exercise, after the first week (running or bicycle).

Is Gynecomastia hiding a health problem?
In the majority of patients, there is no health risk and the problem is exclusively aesthetic. Nevertheless, a sudden breast increase in a patient, with no history of taking certain medications, such as anabolic steroids, which might justify such a sudden tissue increase, should lead the patient to visit a doctor, in order to exclude the possibility of breast cancer.

What are the hormonal tests required before surgery?
The hormonal tests required are:

  • Thyroid hormones
  • LH
  • FSH
  • Prolactin
  • Testosterone and estrogens

Are there possible complications?
The complications of the operation are mild and very rare. Complications might include post – operative bleeding or haematoma, local infection, poor healing, oversensitivity in the area etc. Nevertheless, all the aforementioned complications can be very successfully diagnosed and treated by an experienced surgeon.


The cost of the Bloodless Gynecomastia technique begins at 2000 euros.

You may contact us and we will inform you thoroughly, absolutely free of charge.



I had finally found a solution to my problem, without any visible signs afterwards! It's exactly what I wanted and I would highly recommend this technique...

Dionysis G.

The problem I had with my breast was making me feel uncomfortable with women. Despite the fact that I was wearing loose clothes, I couldn’t hide it...

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is excellent in her work and whenever I called to make some questions after the surgery, she immediately answered the phone and was willing to help...

Papadimitriou Nikos

I had the surgery 2 months ago. I didn’t feel any pain, due to the amazing technique of the doctor and there were no incisions and stitches...

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I could never imagine a better result. I did not hurt, I was not troubled at all and went to my job from the very next day and to the gym a week later...


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