Mini Lifting for Men
(Face – Neck)

Minimally Invasive
Absolutely Natural

When BTX or Hyaluronic acid are not enough to provide the ideal solution, then science recruits the Mini Lifting for men, which offers even more amazing results, especially for men over the age of 55. Tired looking and aged skin will look refreshed and rejuvenated again, after a face-neck mini lift, which men can fearlessly choose. Modern minimally invasive techniques that we apply in our clinic and our surgical expertise, guarantee you an absolutely natural and perfect aesthetic result.

The operation is done with discreet incision, alongside the natural skin creases, in front of the ear and if possible towards the inner side of the ear, so that it will be invisible postoperatively. Then excess skin, which has been created due to skin laxity over the years, is removed. In any case, the goal is fresher and more youthful look, without distortion of the natural masculine face features.

Find out more about the Mini Lifting techniques, the recovery time and the cost here, or contact us in order to receive more information you may require, absolutely free of charge.


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