Ear correction surgery

New, minimally invasive method


There are times we feel our mirror is ruthless, especially when it comes to important issues, which have to do with the symmetry and harmonious appeal of our face, such as the position, the size and shape of our ears. The solution in such cases is ear surgery, but just the sound of the word surgery, was enough to scare away some patients from the procedure. But not anymore, the modern techniques in minimally invasive surgery, not only promise, but also deliver excellent results, in a way that is bloodless, incision free and without discomfort for the patient.

Protruding or “prominent ears” is a quite common condition, which affects psychologically those who were born with them. The right age, for ear surgery in children varies, but in any case, ear growth must have been completed before the surgery, something that is finalized by the age of 4. Commonly, the best time to have this operation done is before the child starts school, in order to avoid the chance of being teased at school. In these ages, surgery takes place under a combination of local anaesthesia and sedation. After the age of 10, only local anaesthesia is required, if the child can collaborate well and can tolerate the procedure, under local only.

Using the latest methods of minimally invasive surgery, also adults who were hesitating to correct the position or the shape of their ears, can do so today, taking advantage of the immense benefits of the new technique of bloodless ear surgery. The results are totally natural, bringing back harmony to the face and making a huge difference in a patient’s psychology.

Depending on the problem, ear surgery can offer:

  • Shape and size correction
  • Repositioning of the ears, bringing them closer to the head
  • Balancing their symmetry
  • Corrections after injury or previous surgery
  • Correction of “splitted earlobe”, in women with split earlobes, after using heavy earrings. This can be corrected using local anesthesia and provides excellent and permanent results

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, we use both methods, the new bloodless ear surgery, without incisions, when we have the correct candidates for that, as well as the classic ear surgery, which is also done in the appropriate candidates, but with the latest, minimally invasive techniques.

Depending on the problem we are facing, we choose the most appropriate technique, in order to meet the individual needs of each patient and provide the best results. In patients with prominent ears, where we do not have to decrease the ear size, we choose the new bloodless ear surgery technique, under local anesthesia only.

There we use the anterior scoring technique, in order to score the cartilage where it is necessary. Subsequently, we reposition the cartilage in the right anatomical position, thus deciding for the final position, we wish the ear to have. The cartilage will remain in its new position, anchored by very thin absorbable stitches, which will not be visible at the end of the procedure.

What is impressive about this technique is that the patient, during the procedure, can see in the mirror the proposed, new position of the ear. That way, he can contribute himself, to the final position that he wants his ear to have, before the procedure is over. Thus, he will be more confident about the result.

This technique, being minimally invasive, does not require taking time off from daily activities, no bandaging post – operatively and no stitches removal, as they are absorbable. There are no scars and marks, the patient may return to his work, the day after the procedure and the results will be permanent.

In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, ear surgery is performed exclusively with minimally invasive surgical techniques and in the majority of cases under local anaesthesia.

Complications are practically nonexistent, when the procedure is done by an experienced surgeon, with the minimally invasive techniques, while any bruising or swelling which may appear, settles down gradually after the first week.

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What should I do after the operation?
In those cases, when the classic ear surgery is performed and an incision is necessary, in order to correct the problem, the incision is not visible, as it is perfectly hidden behind the ear’s posterior natural curve. In this case, stitches are removed on the fifth day. After the operation, an elastic headband is placed over the ear, which facilitates recovery and keeps the ear in place.

After a few days, the bandaging is removed and is replaced by a special headband, used only during sleep, for a few weeks, until cartilage heeling is complete. Return to one’s daily activities is possible after three to four days for adults, while for children, return to school is possible after one week.

Ear surgery offers excellent results, improves greatly facial symmetry and boosts the self-confidence and overall psychology of the patient.


The cost for ear surgery starts at 1500 euros.

Call us, to find out the cost of the treatment, you are interested in or our special prices for combined treatments.



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