Double chin treatment

Get rid of it,
once and for all

The chin is an area of the face that accumulates fat, as we get older, creating an aesthetic problem for many men. The treatment of double chin, without surgery, brings to men nowadays, the ideal solution for regaining confidence and firmness to their face contour. The treatment is injectable, meaning that a fat dissolving solution is injected under the skin, which acts by dissolving the local fat, which is then excreted, through the body’s metabolic system.

The number of sessions required for an effective treatment is 3 to 4 sessions, with a 4 weeks interval between each session. There is no downtime, allowing the patient to return immediately to his daily activities. After application, a mild swelling or slight discomfort is a natural occurrence, but these possible side effects, subside a few days later.

Find out more about the technique of injectable lipolysis and the cost here or contact us today and receive more information, you may require, absolutely free of charge.


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