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It’s often said that the eyes is the mirror of the soul. Eyes and the area surrounding them, is the main feature of the face and the first to reveal our age. No wonder then, why men and women of all ages, desire a glowing and youthful eye look. The aim of blepharoplasty is the improvement of this part of the face, providing a fresher look.

Ageing, stressful lives, lack of sleep, genetic predisposition are some of the causes for tired eyes.

Blepharoplasty is indicated for skin laxity on the upper and lower eyelid and for eye bags (due to prominent fat deposits), which result to puffy eyes.

Expression wrinkles can be treated with BTX, but skin laxity on the upper or lower eyelid and eye bags, can only be treated with blepharoplasty.

Μαθετε τωρα ποσο κοστιζει η αναιμακτη βλεφαροπλαστικη στο εξειδικευμενο μας κεντρο πλαστικης χειρουργικης στην Αθηνα. Δειτε φωτογραφιες πριν και μετα.

In upper Blepharoplasty, an incision is carefully made, alongside the natural crease of the upper eyelid. Excess skin is then removed, in order to provide a harmonious and appealing result.

In lower blepharoplasty, we use three different methods in our clinic, depending on the extent of the problem and the needs of each patient:

  • In the first method, a small incision is made externally, 1 – 2mm under the eyelashes, excess skin is removed and then the skin is stitched with a very thin, continuous suture.
  • In the second method, the incision is made internally on the eyelid (palpebral conjunctiva), which allows to reach from inside, the excess fat deposits, under the eye that are creating the puffy eye bags. In this second method, there are no visible incisions on the skin, which is useful in those cases where eye bags is the main problem and not excess skin.
  • In the third method we use a modern technique, that of fat grafting. It is ideal for patients with eye bags, as well as dark circles. Fat grafting in the eye area, allows for the natural filling of the tear trough deformity, corrects the dark circles and takes away the fatigued look from the eyes, offering a more youthful result.

It is a new technique and it is an excellent solution, for people with little to moderate laxity, who wish to avoid surgery. In this method, excess skin is not removed by scalpel, which makes it bloodless and minimally invasive.

In this method, we achieve a controlled sublimation of excess skin on the upper and lower eyelid, which causes shrinking and tightening of the skin. At the end of the treatment, a mild skin irritation may be observed, which subsides during the following days. Applying special regenerative and concealing products, you can return immediately to your daily activities, without restrictions.

You will see and feel the results, even from the very first treatment. In order to achieve the very best outcome, a number of treatments must be done (3 – 4 depending on the skin laxity). It’s one of the latest methods, which can give a fresh, youthful look to the eye area, without surgery. However, non – surgical blepharoplasty cannot replace the classic surgical method, in cases where patients have intense skin laxity and eye bags.


Duration of a Blepharoplasty procedure
The procedure of blepharoplasty is minimally invasive, is performed always, under local anaesthesia, does not require hospitalisation and has a fast recovery. The operation takes 1 – 1.5 hours and the patient can return home, immediately after the operation.

Post – operatively
After the operation, there might be some swelling or bruising around the eyes. The application of cool compresses is recommended for 2 – 3 days, which will help the swelling to recede faster.

Suture removal takes place after 5 days. After the sutures are removed, the patients can easily cover with concealer, any possible bruising and return to their work and their daily routine.


The cost of blepharoplasty starts at 1000 euros.

Call us, to find out the cost of the treatment, you are interest in or our special prices for combined treatments.



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Angeliki Kalantzi

As I was getting older, I began to notice that I started to have ugly eyebags, which prevented me from applying my makeup properly and also making my eyes...

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Tsirogiannis Kostas

I trusted you for blepharoplasty. Whatever you promised me was true. The results are amazing and after a few days, I could get back to my daily activities...

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