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Do you want to find the most appropriate treatments for your skin type? Do you find yourself wondering, which are the best eye and face creams, for proper hydration and anti-aging? Not every cream is good for everyone. Some people get skin problems, by using the wrong creams or they keep trying for the best products, wasting their money, without having better skin, as they expected.

Do you know what cosmetics you should use? Do you want to find out, the everyday habits you need to follow, for beautiful and healthy skin? That’s exactly when you need, your own personal consultant, who will inform you about the most modern and innovative trends, methods, products and cosmetics concerning beauty! Your personal Skin Trainer! Your Beauty Expert!

Have you heard or read about firming, anti-aging and lipolysis treatments and you find it difficult to decide which one fits your needs? Thread lifting, laser, Botulinum toxin and other non-invasive treatments… Everything you want to know, about a world that shapes beauty on face and body, is all that your personal Beauty Expert knows, in order to answer all your questions! Find out what you can do for your skin, with a personal appointment in Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, a specialized clinic for Aesthetic Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, investing in state-of-the-art medical equipment.

What differentiates us from the others is that we are a medical centre and any aesthetic advice is regarded a medical procedure. Before we suggest the best skincare for you, we perform a digital analysis of your skin, in order to find out, all possible needs that your skin type has. A medical history is taken and we also thoroughly check the presence of moles, folliculitis and any vascular skin lesions. This is the key for a very effective “starting point” and a safe approach.

In your first Skin-Analysis visit, you can bring your own skincare products. Through your consultation, we decide together, which products would be best for you and why. We bring exclusively to our Clinic, the most innovative and pioneering nanotechnology products of the top brands from abroad and all these are at your disposal.



At a very reasonable price, now I have specific creams, for the needs of my own skin...

Michaela Vlachou

My appointment was about cosmetics and facial creams skincare. I wanted to improve my face and that certainly starts with the products we use...

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They started with a digital skin analysis and they performed some tests, to see what was missing from my skin...

Christina Ziata

The skincare of my face has always been my concern. I always wanted to have clean and hydrated skin, without wrinkles. In Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, they gave me valuable tips for daily skin care...



The exciting thing is that they gave me little secrets of daily beauty care, so that the results of my aesthetic treatments, would last longer!! They are amazing...

Euthimia Dimitroula

I visited the clinic to check my moles, but also to learn about the new anti-aging methods they suggest. After examination, the doctor suggested...

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