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Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic


at Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Athens

Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic, is a state-of-the-art Medical Clinic in Athens, with the most advanced and complete services in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation. It is created in a modern, luxurious and highly aesthetic enviroment and consists of world known International Leading Experts, with long-term working experience in the biggest medical centers abroad (Oxford, London, USA).


Why choose Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic?

  • Our scientific team consists of world known, International Leading Doctors and Award-Winning Surgeons.
  • We offer state-of-the-art health services, in the fields of Aesthetic Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation.
  • We invest in modern medical equipment and latest generation lasers, unlike any found, throughout all of Greece.
  • We use only certified, genuine and safe materials with FDA, CE approval and we guarantee the results and the safety of your treatments.
  • We have modern, sophisticated, luxurious treatment rooms.
  • We offer specially configured VIP rooms, for absolute privacy.
  • We treat Celebrities and International patients, from all over the world.
  • We always provide our highest standards services, at affordable prices.


MOHS Surgery

Thanks to her excellent knowledge and experience, she knew exactly when the whole malignant tumor was removed, after the microscopic analysis she performed on the day of the surgery.

Esser Jorgen

Hair Transplantation

But the most important thing for me is that the result is absolutely natural and it doesn’t show at all that I have done something on my head.

Thomas Leber

Vaginal Laser

The more treatments I did, the more effective it was. I would definitely recommend it to others, as it is economical and does not hurt at all.

Katerina P.


She is among the International Experts Surgeons for liposuction-liposculpture. I decided to visit her and talk to her about my problem. She was the most knowledgeable surgeon I have ever met.

Dora G.

Lipofilling with stem cells

The fact that they use autologous fat, alongside with my stem cells, reassures me that I will not have any allergies in the future. My skin’s quality has improved a lot!

V. V.

Mini Lifting

I love the fact that my face is natural and does not have that nasty, pulled back look, which many faces after lifting have. Congratulations to Derm & Plastic Surgery Clinic for their pioneering methods.


Laser Hair Removal

I didn’t have the slightest irritation. I’ve already booked an appointment for laser hair removal, as a gift to my mother, as their prices are particularly affordable and the results are fantastic!

Maria Mixairina


I wanted to rejuvenate my face, but as natural as possible. I was not sure about the results, but I dared it. I am very pleased because my face looks fresher and youthful. It’s the best!! Try it!

Fabienne Schauer

Hyalouronic Acid

What is more, it has a very harmonious result. With the same technique, you can actually have a Liquid Face Lift, within 1 hour with zero hassle.

Corina Koller

Anti Aging Treatments

From now on, I will be a permanent one, since I have never done, such an effective anti-aging treatment before, even though I have visited other surgeons. Everything is perfect. The staff is excellent and the Clinic’s treatment rooms are so pleasant.

Martina Jaggi


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